Ms White Light follows the story of Lex Cordova, a woman with great compassion for the terminally ill, and an inability to deal with anyone else. For Pigasus Pictures’ second feature film, Blueline provided a much wider array of services to the project, including location scouting and securing, on-site DIT and VFX support, editing the film, and over 140 VFX shots. Ms White Light premiered at South by Southwest 2019 as an official selection.

In conjunction with Pigasus Pictures, Blueline Pictures helped produce the film and lead the post-production of the film Ms. White Light. Ms. White Light is premiering at SXSW in 2019 and has been Nominated for a Grand Jury Award. The film will be released Fall 2019.

  •   2019

  •   Partnership:


  •   Producer/Editor:

    Kevin Weaver