At eight overtimes and 159 minutes, the 1982 NCAA Soccer Championship was the longest-running championship match in NCAA history.

But through the eyes of Coach Jerry Yeagley, the struggle to win this match had taken nearly two decades. Each minute of embattled playtime was owed to the generations of Hoosier soccer players that had come before them. This moment was built on the efforts of the 60s players, who advanced the program from club to varsity level, and the 70s teams, who competed for the national championship three times only to watch the win barely slip through their fingers.

Worth the Wait is a documentary that follows the Indiana Men’s Soccer program on their journey to become one of the most competitive and dominant programs in collegiate soccer while reliving the grueling 1982 national championship game that transformed the program into a national powerhouse.

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  •   2019/2020

  •   Client:

    Adidas, Blueline Pictures

  •   Length:

    80 mins